Food as Medicine

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With over 150 delicious, plant-based recipes for the best health of you, your family and those you cook for. It addresses the nutritional causes of our most common chronic diseases “Meal ideas that heal” and “Seasonal menu plans” to help you put these recipes into practice.

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“Diet is the cornerstone of lifestyle medicine,” said Ms Radd, pointing out that many of us eat three times a day but struggle to exercise even once.

Good nutrition-and good health-starts in your kitchen! And this beautiful cookbook offers 150 delicious plant-based recipes developed by a nutritionist and cook for your best health, addressing the underlying causes of our most-common lifestyle diseases.

Food as medicine was written by Sue Rudd a Seventh day Adventist nutritionist and has won the Best cookbook of the year award for 2016. It was launched in Australia in November 2016; May 26-29 at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards it was awarded the Best Health and Nutrition Cookbook in the world.


Food as Medicine

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