Foods that Heal

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Before there were drugs,

there was nature

You can change your life by changing your diet. You can enjoy more vibrant health just by tapping into nature’s cornucopia of vitality-enhancing foods.

Let world-renowned nutrition expert Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger get you started on the pathway to better eating. The author explores the nutritional value of nuts, grains, sprouts, and vegetables, and explains the benefits and dangers of various types of food.

What about soft drinks? Coffee? Salt? Sugar? Wine? Meat? Dairy products? Pasta? Olive oil? Is meat addictive? Does it cause cancer? Alternatives to meat? How to avoid toxic fish. How to reduce your cholesterol. How to solve the constipation problem. A diet for diabetics.

The earth is a garden. Let it heal you.

You will discover foods that help you avoid weight gain. Foods that help you breathe more freely. Foods that help you digest. Goods that battle infection. Foods that benefit the skin, muscles, urinary tract, intestine, stomach, liver, lungs, blood, arteries, heart, nerves, and eyes.

And just because food is medicine doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious. The luscious photography will make your mouth water over the delicious natural foods pictured on these pages.

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George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D., is a doctor of medicine and surgery at the University of Granada in Spain. He is a board-certified general and digestive surgeon, and a specialist in health education, UNED University, Spain. He is a member of the International Union of Food Science and Technology, Ontario, Canada, and a fellow in the Royal Microscopical Society, Oxford, England. After practicing his specialty for 15 years, Dr. Pamplona-Roger now focuses on medical research and health education. He has been published in many health journals, and has also written Encyclopedia of Foods and Their Healing Power; Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants, and New Lifestyle: Enjoy It!

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