Losing weight by Gaining health


Ever wondered why it’s easier for obese people to stay obese and slim people to stay slim. It would seem like skinny people can eat whatever they want and not gain weight while their fat counterpart only has to look at food and automatically gain weight. This could be due to several factors however I believe one of these factors are one of the seven Signs of aging. As we begin to age the body sets up several biomarkers that act as a homeostatic benchmark for what is normal. Any change from to these markers immediately the body will try to correct the perceived imbalance. Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-α, soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor (sTNFR)-I, sTNFR-II, C-reactive protein (CRP), and interleukin (IL)-6 are some of the measurable Inflammatory processes that are prevalent in overweight or obese.


We can accelerate these aging processes by making poor choices in food, exercise and sleep patterns. This in turns will cause a weight loss to become more stubborn. As part of a weight loss management program the initial steps then would be to reduce and change the markers.  In a study published in the Journal of Women’s health (Effect of a low fat of Low carbohydrate weight-loss diet on Markers of cardiovascular risk among Premenopausal women) support that dietary interventions may be efficacious for lowering blood pressure and blood lipids among overweight or obese premenopausal women.





In this method of weight loss Method of gaining health is by removing and reducing these markers

Step 1

Eat more plant-based, whole, nutrient-dense foods.

Step 2

Focus on gut health.

Step 3

keep the sabbath Have a day to rest and relax

Step 4

Reduce toxins in your home and life

Step 5

Regular exercise at least 4 times per week

Many people would be perturbed by a few of these, however i am confident that this method is the only one that delivers lasting results that deal with the seven biomarkers as well as the fat issue. Clients testify that they feel healthier, thinking clearer and all round results are proven to work. the diet alone Does not work in the long term but rather small incremental changes that produce amazing long term results.


Most of these so called fad diets and celebrity diets are only focused on external results while many of the life bio-markers are ignored. In the end it becomes a yo-y0 phenomenon and ends up to be more harmful to your health.  No wonder these DIEts have the word”DIE” in it. Let’s move away from the quick fixes and look at long term sustainable lifestyle changes.

This is probably the only method that deals with these seven biomarkers of aging.

Hearth Health


Body Fat

Muscle Loss

Cognitive Function


Lung Function



As we get older on paper our bioage increases as well. Bio-ging is increased by alcohol use smoking, stress, imbalanced hormones  just to name a few. Some of these bio a



accelerators can increase our age twice that of our literal age.


Tackling the issue s not as easy as giving up a bad habit as if we don’t replace that bad habit with a good one then we will just replace it with a bad one or just relapse.  the brain works by compensating for the loss and reinforces the habit be it bad or good. Our complete program has 8 good habits that we use to replace any bad habit.






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