The abundant living series contains 5 Big books that could change you and your family’s life.

Food encyclopaedia
Encyclopedia of Foods and Their Healing Power (3 Volume Set) Hardcover –Written by Dr. Pamplona-Roger and Team
Has the most Wholesome foods, harmful foods A broad and up-to-date encyclopaedia, in which the latest research on the science of foods, nutrition and dietetics is presented. It presents 150 diseases, with an indications of the foods whose amount must be increased or reduced in each case. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of all types of foods. You will be able to prevent and cure most of them, thanks to the 700 monographic food-by-food data boxes encompassing the whole world. Over 300 diets with suggestions of what should be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Encyclopedia of Medicinal Plants Education and Health Library (Volume 1 and 2 + DVD)

The best and most accomplished work, taking advantage of the most advanced scientific knowledge about phytotherapy (the science that studies the curative properties and application of plants). At long last, a scientific book that allows for the use of plant with rigorous and reliable scientific criteria. The only book phytotherapy on the market in which plants are classified according to the organ they work on. Useful for putting into practice proven advice for the therapeutic preparation of poultices, infusions, ointments, bath and much more. More than 1,200 pages with descriptions of over 470 plants in plain,clear language accompanied by didactic illustrations.

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